Academic Writing

The Importance of Preserving the Mother Language
Language is a thing is very important in the communication. Without a language, we cannot convey the information and the messages in communication. Whereas a language which is the first we know and often we use is the mother language. Because we have listen and use the mother language since we were born. Although we never learned about it directly, we can use it well and fluently. We have learned the mother language indirectly and intuitively including hearing people converse around us. Here, there are several views of the importance of preserving the mother language.
When we discuss about the mother language, there are many opinions regarding that the mother language is not important to be used nowadays. They have any reasons are support this statement. One of them is that the mother language cannot to used in outside of that region, in other word; it just can be used in that region only. So that, many of the children, especially in the cities, they just taught by their parent to use national language moreover international language to make a conversation every day. It is can make our generation in this country will forget their mother language.
If we look at the case, we can consider that the mother language is very important to be preserved. If we did not conserve the mother language, sooner or later the mother language will be extinct. Because we know that the mother language is a culture. And the culture should be maintained and preserved. Besides as a culture, the other reason why we should preserve the mother language is because the mother language is one of the specific characteristics of a region. By use the mother language, we will know that where someone comes from.
Therefore, we cannot joke about the mother language because it is very important in maintain and preserve our culture and as the specific characteristic of our region. We can preserve the mother language by a variety of ways including by getting the children from an early age to use their own mother language in daily life and make them love it by compare other mother language with their own. By this way, each of them will regard that their own is the best then the other’s because they have usual and feel comfortable in using their own mother language.

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