Name : Agus Hultanudin
NIM : E1D 011 001
Class : V A
Subject : Morphology

1. Explain the following Indonesian data by considering their phonological changes:
(a) mata —> mematai
(b) tegur —> menegur
(c) gambar —> menggambar
(d) cuci —> mencuci
2. Identify some properties of adjective and give some examples of each property.
3. Define the precategorials and its verb derivation.
4. Explain some characteristics of intensifiers across languages.
5. Compare Indonesian infixes with infixes in Javanese.

1. Actually prefix ‘me’ is taken from it root ‘men’. Prefix men could be divided into four; it is including men, mem, meng, and meny. It will occur if prefix men attach with the word which is initial /p/t/k/.
2. Some properties of adjective is suffix:
(a) –ic : robotic, electronic
(b) –ous: odorous, officious
(c) –ing : impending, imposing
(d) –ed : eared, effervesced
(e) –ive : illusive, imitative
(f) –al : abnormal, accidental
(g) –ial : immaterial, industrial
3. Precategorials is word that do not have category.
Ex: – rujuk —> merujuk
– sima —> terkesima
– dobrak —> mendobrak
4. Sasak language use –e – and –o- infixes in intensifiers.
– onek —> on-e-e-e-k
– jaok —> ja-o-o-o-k
5. Indonesian infixes not only as intensifier but also it has variety of function. Thus, infixes in Japanese just as intensifier.


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